Society appoint four-man board

The Well SocietyMotherwell Football Club moved one step closer to fan ownership last night with the appointment of the first four board members of the ‘Well Society.

The inaugural meeting was held in South Dalziel Studios, just yards from Fir Park, and was well attended by members.

After a lively opening Q&A between the Motherwell FC Board and the audience, the formal vote took place with members putting a single cross beside the name of the person they felt best suited to taking on this important role. Members were in receipt of statements from all 21 candidates and together they made for an impressive list.

Votes cast were added to the postal/email votes already received and were counted and independently verified.

In the meantime, the crowd were able to pose questions to the manager, Stuart McCall along with players Nicky Law, Michael Higdon, Simon Ramsden, Henrik Ojamaa, Jamie Murphy and Omar Daley.

The management team and players departed after some lively and humorous chat and the results of the vote were announced. The unanimous decision was to appoint Tom Feeley, Sandy Kilpatrick, Graham Barnstaple and Brian McCafferty as the first board of the ‘Well Society.

There was a further Q&A between the audience and the Motherwell FC Board before a vote of thanks and closure.

Speaking to, Tom Feeley said: “We have a chance of a lifetime here as supporters to have a real say in how our club operates on a day to day basis. I am honoured to be involved and am excited by the challenges that lie ahead.”

Sandy Kilpatrick added: “There is a big job in front of us.  We will be looking for all of the members, present and future, to help us make this a success.”

Graham Barnstaple commented: “It is a real privilege for me as a lifelong Motherwell supporter to be involved. A lot of work lies ahead but I am ready for any challenge. We can all make a real success of this!

Brian McCafferty said: “I’d like to thank all the Motherwell fans who voted for me. I’m very proud to have been selected for the ‘Well Society board.

“I’m looking forward to contributing to the Society’s goals and working with my fellow members and Motherwell supporters to drive forward this exciting new era in the club’s history.”