Members meeting

Members meetingThe ‘Well Society board last night presented their vision statement to members at a meeting at Fir Park.

The document, which lays out the strategy for securing a controlling stake in the club, was endorsed by the vast majority of members who attended the meeting in the Centenary Suite.

The four-man board, who were elected on October 24, now aim to co-opt an additional three members in the coming weeks. Society members will then vote two representatives on to the club board.

The society has raised almost £400,000 since January and have been handed a 15% shareholding in the club. The ‘Well Society board are developing plans to recruit more members as they aim to raise the £1.5million needed to secure a majority stake, which was donated by John Boyle.

‘Well Society chairman Graham Barnstaple said: “We have been working in close conjunction with the club since being elected six weeks ago and they are very keen for two members to join the board as soon as an election process is finalised.

“We are also urging more fans to join the revolution and formulating a plan to encourage corporate membership of this pioneering community ownership scheme.

“This is a unique opportunity to financially safeguard the club, to ensure it is run by those with its interests firmly at heart, and to allow Motherwell to continue to play at the highest level.

“Recent events at Rangers and Hearts have highlighted the potential dangers of allowing one man to control a club’s destiny and we have the chance to make sure similar problems never occur at Fir Park.

“Hearts fans rallied to fend off an imminent danger to their club’s existence but it is no less important that we raise the money needed to take over our club and secure its long-term future. We urge all Motherwell fans to rise to the challenge.”

The document includes plans to encourage corporate membership; engage with community organisations; harness the skills and enthusiasm of the membership to raise funds; and to develop a communications strategy that allows fans’ opinions to help shape the future of the club.

The four board members are chairman Graham Barnstaple, secretary Tom Feely, Sandy Kilpatrick and Brian McCafferty.