Sign-up night

The Well SocietyThe Well Society is having another sign-up / renewal night this Thursday in the Centenary Suite.

The Society was handed over to the fans last October with the purpose of growing the membership to a point where the fans could take over the ownership of the club.

With the recent financial news impacting other clubs, the Society need as many people as possible to sign up and help achieve that goal. The short term aim is to get to £500,000, which is a third of the overall target.

Hearts fans recently raised about £1.1million in a few weeks by buying shares and if the Society could add the same total to the figure already raised, they would gain majority control of Motherwell FC for the fans and provide stability to the club for years to come.

The money raised will provide a fund to help Motherwell FC through potential hard times in the future. Complacency is understandable when the team are pushing for Europe again – but now is exactly the time to act to help the club maintain the recent success.

The Society already has two members appointed to the Board of Directors of Motherwell FC, and as the stake in the club grows, so will the number of Director places available to the Society. This will grow until they take majority control of the club.

The Society will host an open night, on Thursday 21st March in the Centenary Suite (starting at 6.30pm), allowing anyone interested to sign up. Those members who joined a year ago will also be able to renew their membership for the next year.

A number of the First Team squad will be on hand to sign autographs and have their photos taken. There will also be the opportunity to have a mini tour of the stadium.

Membership levels are available as follows;

  • Junior Steel Membership – £25 (for juveniles under 15)
  • Steel Membership – £300
  • Claret Membership – £1000
  • Amber Membership – £5000
  • 1886 Membership – £25000

There are a number of benefits which are accrued by each membership level.

We can also offer easy payment terms to help spread the load, please ask a member of the Society Board on the night.