60 Second Survey Summary Feedback


At the beginning of September, the Well Society invited fans to take part in a 60-second survey to give them a say in the future of the club.

A total of 470 members and 887 non-members completed the survey, which has been very successful in obtaining guidance from supporters and understanding their priorities.

Nearly 90% of all fans agree that Motherwell FC should be a financially stable, community- and fan-owned club.

Society members give lots of reasons for joining. Almost 90% say that the two most important reasons for joining the society are to secure long-term financial security for the club and avoid it going into administration.

There are other reasons why fans join. For example, nearly 60% of members believe it is important or very important to join in order to allow the club to play at the highest level possible.

One member feels it is important to join the society ‘in order to be a part of a club I have supported all my life’. Another believes, ‘MFC is a community asset and should be owned and controlled by that community’. Yet another believes joining the society helps to avoid being ‘exploited by greedy chairperson or board’.

There are a variety of reasons why some fans are unable to join. For example, almost 60% of non-members believe that £300 for steel membership is beyond their means currently.

Around 25%, mostly season-ticket holders, feel that they contribute quite a lot already and can’t afford the extra needed to join the society.

For instance, one fan explains, ‘daughter and son’s weddings in the past 9 months mean that I will need to postpone joining at this time. I would hope to join at a later date’.

Encouragingly, 80% of the non-members who completed the survey said that they would be prepared either to join or possibly join.

Overwhelmingly, the responses from fans have been most positive and very helpful. The society board will follow-up the many comments suggestions provided, including contacting those who would like to join the society by paying in instalments.

Once again, very many thanks to all who have contributed to the survey.

Graham Barnstaple