New Year Message

The Well SocietyThe Well Society needs an influx of new members in the new year to maintain progress towards putting Motherwell Football Club safely into the hands of the community.

We as a board are exploring ways of making it easier to pay membership fees over a longer period of time but we would urge anyone who can afford to join to do so and help us give the project a kick-start.

The club needs a reserve fund to help it through periods of cashflow shortages and difficult seasons.

The unpredictability and fragile nature of football club finances was underlined by the club’s William Hill Scottish Cup defeat by Albion Rovers – one last-minute goal can have a significant effect on the budget.

That shows how important it is to have money to fall back on.

The Scottish Professional Football League remains without a main sponsor and the absence of Rangers in the top flight is having a continuing impact on all its clubs’ income.

Fans at other clubs in Scotland are aiming to get more say in the running of their clubs but are finding it difficult – we have a unique opportunity to assume ownership and protect our club from undesirable owners for generations.

The Well Society scheme will not only protect the club’s future, it will provide it with the financial stability to plan for the long term and continue to play at the highest level. It can give Motherwell an advantage on the pitch over other clubs who are struggling with debt.

More information on memberships is available on the website,, or phone 01698 338006 to discuss ways of spreading the payment.

Please join the Well Society, we need you.

Happy New Year to all Well Society members, thank you for your continuing support.

Graham Barnstaple

Well Society chairman