Benefits Update

The Well Society and Motherwell FC have reached a new agreement over the structure of the members’ benefits system that can help us raise more money to meet our goals.

The club will now only charge the society for the specific value of each benefit taken up by members.

Previously almost the entire renewal fees income went to the club to help pay for the benefits. So in 2013, the Well Society gave the club £40,000 to pay for the benefits.

Early this year, after initial talks over scrapping the benefits system at our AGM in December, the club agreed that the Well Society would keep the renewal fees of members who did not take up any benefits.

Now we have reached a new agreement that a member can take up one or a few benefits knowing that the club will only receive the specific value and not the full renewal fee.

We believe the new system is fairer and leaves the choice entirely with each Well Society member.

And it will give us a new income stream as we seek to meet our target of hitting the £800,000 mark by the end of November.

We would like to thank Motherwell FC general manager Alan Burrows for his co-operation in this matter, especially for dealing with it during his very busy schedule.


In short, members now have three choices:

(1) Pay renewal fees and take as many benefits as you like – the club will receive money equal to the value of each benefit taken.

(2) Pay renewal fees but don’t take any benefits – all the money will go into the Well Society’s coffers to help towards the goal of fan ownership.

(3) Don’t pay any renewal fee and receive no benefits but continue to be a voting member of the Well Society.


Of course, the less benefits people take up, the more money goes to the Well Society and the closer we get to our target of community ownership.

So we would ask that members pay renewal fees and forego benefits to help us meet our ultimate goal.

But the new arrangement means that the choice is now with individual members – and this hopefully simplifies and clarifies the issue so we can now be fully focused on recruitment and raising money.

Thanks again to Alan and to every Well Society member for your valuable support.

The Well Society Board.