Join the Well Society for a Fiver!

Several months ago we carried out a survey asking hundreds of fans if they would be willing to join the society. The overwhelming majority of respondents said yes, but could not afford the joining fees at that time.

So, to make it easier to join we abandoned the joining fee requirement, replacing it with a monthly pledge of at least £10 per month.

Over the past few months we have followed-up a substantial number of respondents from the fan survey by telephone to ask them to join, receiving yet again very positive responses in terms of willingness. Unfortunately, however, we have received several similar responses in terms of affordability of £10 per month.

As a result, therefore, we are offering the option of pledging £5 per month by Direct Debit, allowing fans who cannot afford the higher levels to join the Society. That equates to just over £1 per week.

Click here to join the Well Society for just £5 per month!

As with all other members, of course, those members paying lower amounts will take longer to reach the milestones and associated benefits contained in the new structure that was recently introduced.

This initiative is one of many that is part of our on-going campaign to recruit 2000 members under the banner #OwnMFC, helping us to acquire ownership of and protect the club on behalf of its fans sooner rather than later.