Part three of our look at members across the globe takes us to the outskirts of Chicago with Tony Gentile who has a unique story to tell about why he decided to support fan ownership at Fir Park.

Tony started following “soccer” after watching the 2006 World Cup. His Italian Grandmother passed away just before the tournament so Tony decided to get behind the Azzurri who went on to famously lift the trophy.

tony-gentileAlthough Tony continued to follow soccer his main focus was always on American sports in particular ice hockey. Being so close to Chicago he supports the Chicago Blackhawks who play in the National Hockey League (NHL.)

So living in Westchester, Illinois with no affinity to Scottish Football and no links to Motherwell why would Tony decide to pledge monthly to the Well Society?

“I felt it was a great cause and concept of a supporters run club. In the United States it is very uncommon except for the Green Bay Packers. I believe in people having a say and that’s why I wanted to contribute to the Society.”

We would like to thank Tony for joining and for taking the time to chat with us. Like all of our overseas members we hope he makes the trip across the pond someday and visits the club he now owns!

If you are a member of the Well Society who is based abroad, please get in touch as we would love to hear your story.