Future Looks Bright For Fan Owned Motherwell

 In light of the Well Society’s recent take over of Motherwell Football Club, Jacob Rosler from Union Berlin believes the future is bright for the Steelmen.

Boasting a wealth of experience in fan ownership due to his involvement with the 2. Bundesliga club, Jacob spoke about the positives of having fans in charge of the club they care about.

From current stability to the future of Motherwell, the German admitted there is a lot to look forward to in the club’s new venture.

Jacob said: “I know that the logistics of fan ownership will be quite different over here than in Germany, but the concept is the same and it is a hugely important one to clubs the size of Motherwell.

“Ultimately, no one cares more about the club than the fans, so it makes sense for them to be the ones in control of its future.”

He added: “It’s the same way that you’d feel about your own living room – you want to treat it with care and the last thing you’d want would be for people who don’t feel the same to come in and mess it up.”

Union Berlin came through a turbulent period in the clubs history before they became as secure as they are today, and the fans were the reason they managed to steady the ship.

Back in 2004, the capital club was close to bankruptcy before the supporters rallied together.

Firstly, they literally bled for their club by raising money through donating blood and then, in 2008, thousands of fans came together to help provide labour towards the maintenance of the stadium.

While the needs of Union Berlin and Motherwell are at different levels, Jacob still feels that the exciting switch made by the club and the ‘Well Society is one that can lead the way for other clubs across the country.

He said: “I certainly think this is a move that other clubs would and should follow down the line.

“For other clubs of a similar size to Motherwell, it would be a clever move to take their future into their own hands and away from external investors because there is an element of security about fan ownership that cannot be bought.”

He added: “I’m glad to be here in Scotland to visit this club at what is an exciting time for its future.”

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