He may have immigrated to South Africa almost 50 years ago but to Clyde Foster Scotland will always be seen as home and Motherwell FC will always hold a special place in his heart. For that reason we were delighted to welcome him back to Fir Park in recently as our guests for the match against Celtic.

Although the match ended in a heart breaking 4-3 defeat this was still a dream trip for Clyde coming back to see the club he loves. This was Clyde’s son Duncan’s first visit to Fir Park so it was also a great moment for Duncan who had heard so much about the club throughout his life.

“I dreamed about returning for many years and to eventually fulfil that dream has brought back many of those memories. Just being back at Fir Park was a highlight of my recent “Family Heritage trip” with my son, Duncan, and to share this part of my personal history with him was an incredible experience” Clyde said.CLYDE FOSTER 2

There have been several changes since Clyde was a regular at Fir Park back in the 1960’s and he was impressed in particular by the improvements to the pitch which has attracted so much praise over the last year.

“My first impression seeing inside Fir Park was that the stadium and the club (without knowing the fine details) looked in great condition. The pitch was just immaculate. I have been aware of the financial challenges over the years but was delighted with what I saw of the club. Obviously the main changes were the two new stands behind the goals. We only had open terracing back in the ‘60’s, so to have these to new magnificent stands is impressive. “

The trip has re-ignited Clyde’s enthusiasm for the club and since returning he has kept a close eye on the results and tried to follow the club as much as he can from South Africa. His son Duncan now has a feel for the club and he hopes that it won’t be too long before they can make another trip over to watch the Steelmen.

“Everything that I saw on the trip filled me with enthusiasm and hope for the future of the club.  I can only wish the Team, the manager and staff, the ‘Well Society and fans and all those associated with the club every success and best wishes for future. I will be following the fortunes of the club closely and look forward to returning” Clyde said.


We would like to thank Clyde and Duncan for their support and we thoroughly enjoyed having them as our guests.

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