Well Society Lend a Hand to Third Lanark

1n 1967 one of Scotland’s oldest football clubs Third Lanark went bankrupt. Now fifty years after the doors being closed a passionate and committed group are plotting the clubs return to the professional leagues and the Well Society are happy to get involved and help them on their way.

The main aim of the Well Society has always been to safe guard the future of Motherwell Football Club, making sure we protect the club than means so much to so many people. Through the work of our Community Trust we know just too well what impact a football club can make in the local area and for those reasons we felt it was important to lend a hand to Third Lanark in their journey giving them help and advice as they try to resurrect their club and play a positive role in their community.

We recently caught up with Third Lanark Chairman Ian Alexander who insists his club want to copy theThird Lanark (1 of 1) (002) same model as Motherwell FC with a focus on Community involvement and a strong Youth Academy bringing through talented young players to their first team. Ian is extremely grateful for the advice they have received particularly from Well Society Chairman Douglas Dickie and Motherwell F.C Chief Operating Officer Alan Burrows.

“We’ve been given huge advice on how to run a football club, right down to what the bars of soap in the dressing rooms cost and we’ve used that as a model. They’ve also exampled through the Well Society how it’s all about the team, the club, the family of Motherwell. It’s not just about football” Ian said.

First team Manager David Ampleford believes that the club is making progress on and off the field and he hopes that working with clubs like Motherwell is a sign that they are moving in the right direction.

“During the time I’ve been here, Third Lanark has been growing but to have teams such as Motherwell starting to recognize us as a team again shows the work that’s being done in the last couple of years at the club” David said.

We would like to thank Ian and David for their time and wish them all the best in their project of rebuilding Third Lanark!