Well Society Board Meeting Summary – February 2017


The Well Society Board met on March 1st 2017 for our monthly board meeting. This was February’s board meeting which had been postponed from February 21st. A number of topics were covered and we are happy to provide fans with a summary of the topics discussed and the outcomes.

As it was the first board meeting since he was elected, we took the opportunity to first of all officially welcome Jason Henderson to the board.

Project Brave

An update was given on Project Brave developments. Alan Burrows and Scott Leitch have recently met with SFA Performance Director Malky Mackay to discuss and we are awaiting the issue of the criteria document this month which will be assessed in light of protecting The Clubs best interests.

As this is an extremely important topic for the club Sandy Kilpatrick suggested that this item should be on the agenda for every board meeting and regular updates should be provided.

Managers situation

Although all board members were involved in the decision to part-company with Manager Mark McGhee. Douglas Dickie did however provide a recap of the events as he, along with Alan Burrows met with Mark on Tuesday Morning to let him know the decision.

Douglas stated that the club has started receiving applications and will soon draw up a shortlist. The Well Society board will be kept informed and consulted throughout the process. The club are hopeful that although the interview process will be thorough they will look to make an appointment fairly swiftly.

It was agreed that a statement should be sent out to all members to further explain the Well Society’s role in the process.

Membership Update

Craig Hughes provided an update on membership numbers, we currently have 2075 members with 1520 adults and 555 juniors.

We are planning several events to help engage members and raise funds. Craig met with Community Trust General Manager Dawn Middleton and the process has begun to arrange events such as an end of season party for junior members and a 7 a side football tournament to be ran during the summer.

Sandy Kilpartick also previously suggested we arrange two annual Well Society raffles. It was agreed that this would be taken forward and by our next board meeting we would like to have this fully arranged.

It was also discussed that members were looking for more channels of communication to the Well Society Board. It was agreed that we should have monthly surgeries where two board members are available for an evening should any Well Society members wish to stop by with any questions.

It was also discussed that we should do social media q&a sessions to allow members who can’t make it to Fir Park to get their questions answered instantly.



Over a number of months we have been in discussions with crowdfunding group Tifosy. It has been discussed that we need new software in place to help us record payments a lot more effectively and Tifosy have put forward a proposal will do just that giving us a greater level of admin support and will help us drive forward in our recruitment of new members.

Craig Hughes and Tom Feely were due to meet with James Pollock at Tifosy and will report back to the board following on from this meeting and we can make a decision in regards to this.

Syrian Refugees Proposal

Jason Henderson made the board aware of thirteen families that will soon be arriving in the area. This will take the total number of refugees located in North Lanarkshire to 180. A proposal was put to the board to do all we can to welcome these people into the community and make them feel welcome as part of the Motherwell family.

It was suggested we should put on a welcoming event as well as inviting these refugees along to a match in the near future. All of the board agreed this is an important incentive and agreed that Jason Henderson should lead with this with support from Craig Hughes to put this together.

Recent Questions from Members

On the recent newsletters we had asked members to send on any questions they wish to be brought up at the board meeting. Most of the questions received were regarding Mark McGhee’s position which of course had changed shortly before the board meeting.

Jason Henderson had also received several questions. It was agreed the best thing to do was for Jason to send on these questions to the rest of the board via email and responses to each of them would be issued to all members.

 Volunteers Meeting

At the end of our board meeting we invited previous board applicants and anyone wishing to get more involved in the Well Society to come a long and meet with us to discuss ways they would like to help and to also get some input and ideas from them.

Andy Ross and Laura Colthart discussed how they particularly enjoy planning events and would be happy to get involved in that side of things. Gillie Martin was keen to get involved in helping promote the Well Society amongst the Youth Academy parents and to help engage with local businesses. Lynne Bushnell offered to help through any admin support and would be happy to come into the office one night a week to assist.

We also received emails from five other members who were unable to make the meeting but would be keen to get involved. Craig Hughes will follow up with them.

The next Well Society board meeting is scheduled for March 21st 5:30pm

We hope that this report provides further transparency however should you have any follow up questions please do not hesitate to contact Craig craig.hughes@motherwellfc.co.uk