Well Society Board Meeting Summary – May 2017


The Well Society Board met on May 22nd 2017 for our monthly scheduled board meeting. The meeting was attended by Tom Feely, Douglas Dickie, Doug Inglis, Markus Schieren, Maureen Kirkwood, Jason Henderson, Gavin Whitefield and Craig Hughes, as well as Supervisory Board members Hugh Logan and Sandy Kilpatrick. 

As always we are happy to provide a summary of the topics covered.

Previous Minutes

The previous minutes were agreed.

Update from Executive Board

Douglas Dickie provided an update from the Executive Board regarding a number of operations at the club including football, budgets, and commercial activity.

  • Football: Members of the Executive Board have met with Stephen Robinson to discuss his recruitment and pre-season plans. The Board are delighted that his first four signings have all been players that he has been monitoring for a while.  It was stated that the Board are particularly pleased that the Club is so far ahead in its recruitment process, despite plans being on hold until we had secured our place in the Premiership. The Board would still expect a bit of activity in the coming weeks with the squad taking shape. Stephen will be taking the team to Dublin for a week’s pre-season training camp which he feels will be extremely beneficial.
  • Commercial: Things are looking positive on the commercial side of things with a shirt sponsorship deal soon to be announced. The Commercial department have brought in three new members of staff this year and targets have been set to ensure there is a considerable return on that investment.
  • Project Brave: There has been no real update on Project Brave since the last board meeting, however as it is such an important topic the Well Society and Supervisory Boards will be kept updated on this subject and we would expect developments fairly soon as the Club prepares a bid.

Financial Relationship Between Society & Club

It was stated that there still seems to be a bit of confusion around the financial relationship between the Well Society and the Club.

As owners we are committed to investing in the club. However, it was acknowledged that some members still believe that the Well Society is following a previous model. It was agreed that a statement would be prepared to provide clarity (which can now be found here).

Member Recruitment

Craig Hughes gave an update on a number of recruitment initiatives and events in planning, including the 7-aside tournament in July, a speakers night, a Junior takeover day, the Well Society raffle, and a telephone campaign contacting season ticket holders.

It was also agreed that next season we will continue to have our Well Society tables within Fir Park at home matches. It was agreed that the Society would try and make these more visible and invest in new pop ups and signage, as well as other marketing materials, to try and encourage more engagement from supporters.

Communication/Database Update

Gavin Whitefield, Tom Feely, and Craig Hughes have spent a considerable amount of time updating our database to ensure that all members payments are recorded correctly so that we can issue rewards and contact lapsed members.

Now that this has been completed, we can begin issuing letters to all individuals on the database encouraging lapsed members to contribute again, giving members an update on how much they have paid to date, and encouraging those who can to support the Society further – particularly while the “Double Your Money” offer is in place.

Exiles Club

Jason Henderson proposed the formation of an Exiles Club, an opt-in membership experience offering unique rewards and benefits to those unable to take advantage of the standard package due to living further afield.

It was agreed that this was a worthwhile project, with the first step to request input from Society members who consider themselves “exiles”.

It was agree that Craig Hughes and Jason Henderson would prepare and release a story on this, and encourage input from people potentially interested in getting involved (this can now be found here).


The date of 22nd June 2017 has been set for the Society’s AGM, at 7pm in the Millennium Suite within Fir Park. Information on this is to be emailed and released on website (this can now be found here).

Syrian Refugee Initiative

With the arrival of many Syrian families in Lanarkshire, a welcome event in July was proposed by Jason Henderson, with potential for an Open Day and invitations to a match at Fir Park.

It was also suggested that other nationalities in the community are encouraged to come along, given the multi-cultural make-up up Motherwell and the surrounding areas.

It was agreed that communication should be established with North Lanarkshire Council to discuss this, as well as involving the Motherwell FC Community Trust.

Polling Centre

It was proposed by Jason Henderson that the Society should establish a “Polling Centre” on the website. This would give Well Society members the chance to have their opinions heard on particular subjects, providing advisory information to the Society Board, and ensuring that members were not ignored.

It was also suggested that this could be further developed in the future to allow any Well Society member to put forward their own proposal, raise support for it amongst the Motherwell support, and have it discussed by the Well Society Board as a result.

It was agreed that this would be a very worthwhile initiative with work to begin on it ahead of next season.

If you have any further questions regarding this board meeting please don’t hesitate to contact us at well.society@motherwellfc.co.uk.