Well Society Launch Members Rewards 2017/18

With the 2017/18 SPFL Premiership season marking the first full campaign of fan-ownership at Fir Park, the Well Society has now announced details of a new reward structure for members.

 The group, which is now the major shareholder at Motherwell, relies on pledges and donations from members to prosper, and it is hoped that offering fans unique rewards will allow the membership to grow in the near future.

The announcement marks the start of a recruitment campaign which will begin ahead of the new season, during which the Well Society will be seeking to attract more Motherwell supporters, as well as local businesses, into joining up.

 With Les Hutchison’s “Double Your Money” deal also still in play until the end of the year, the Society Board are keen to maximise membership levels over the next six months.

 Commenting, Society Joint-Chair Douglas Dickie said:

 “Next season is going to be a truly historic year for Motherwell Football Club, with it being the first of fan-ownership – there’s a real positivity about Fir Park at the moment, thanks to a variety of factors, but we recognise that all of our members, both current and those who will hopefully join us in the future, deserve more than just membership status.”

 “We have put together a Member Rewards package that we are confident will be well received by the Motherwell support – every membership category brings with it unique benefits, from the opportunity to receive free tickets for away games in our Pre-Steel category, to being afforded the chance to attend matches in the Director’s Box for those at the top end Amber package.”

 “We are sure that every Well Society member will find something they will consider worthwhile in the new Member Rewards structure.”

 The Society’s Marketing & Communications Manager Craig Hughes added:

 “We’re really pleased with the rewards we’re able to offer members next season, but we’ve also taken the decision to review the structure every single season, meaning Member Rewards could change on an annual basis based entirely on what fans want.”

 “There will also be bespoke rewards not listed – items and opportunities we will be able to offer to members on one-off occasions over the course of a season – and we’re also still in the process of establishing our Exiles Club, which will feature unique Member Rewards for those who live too far afield to take advantage of many of the standard benefits.”

 “In the coming weeks, we will be writing personally to everyone who has ever pledged money to the Well Society since 2012 – no matter how small an amount – to update them on their current total and to inform them of what rewards they are entitled to.”

 “Given you can become a Well Society member for as a little as £5 a month, we’re convinced we’re now putting together a membership experience that is more than value for money.”

For full details on our new Member Rewards click here.

If you haven’t yet done so, you can join the Well Society by clicking here.