It’s Our Club!

A fantastic weekend was had by all around Fir Park with a number of different activities taking place, including the visit of our Syrian guests, the club’s Open Day and the Well Society’s 7-aside tournament.

One of the Well Society’s main aims through fan ownership is to ensure that the club maintains and strengthens its reputation as a community-focused football club. This weekend proved a great way to kick off the club’s first full campaign under the Well Society’s ownership.

Craig Hughes, Marketing Manager for the Well Society, said: “We are delighted to be working so closely with everyone at the club and the Community Trust to ensure we can make a positive impact in the community.”

“This weekend has been a great way for us to show what fan ownership is all about, making the fans really feel part of what we are doing here and very much promoting Motherwell F.C. as a family club. “

In order to continue to support the club on and off the field, the Well Society requires the backing of as many ‘Well fans as possible. If you haven’t do so already, you can join the Well Society by pledging monthly or donating whatever you can afford. Up until January 1st 2018, every pound generated will be doubled through Les Hutchison’s ‘Double Your Money’ initiative so we as a fanbase have a unique opportunity to considerably improve the club’s financial position this year.

We hope everyone thoroughly enjoyed the various events over the weekend and a massive thank you to everyone who got involved, particularly our volunteers!