Ally Maxwell Announced As Exiles Club Ambassador

A few months ago, the Well Society announced plans for an opt-in Exiles Club – a group aimed towards helping ‘Well fans outwith the local area feel connected with the club and engaged with fan-ownership.

The Society has received a tremendous response to the plans so far, with fans currently based all over the globe getting in touch to provide ideas and suggestions, having direct input into what the Exiles Club will look like upon its launch in the coming weeks.

And one very familiar face, who continues to follow the Steelmen from afar, was more than happy to get involved in the project too.

Ally Maxwell certainly fits into the Exiles Club category, now enjoying a successful coaching career working with SC Del Sol Soccer Club and the Arizona State University, having originally grown up in Motherwell before playing for his claret and amber boyhood heroes – and he is, of course, still fondly remembered by ‘Well fans for his heroics in the 1991 Scottish Cup Final.

“When you think about it, Motherwell laid the foundation for the rest of my life,” explains Ally. “As a young boy, I went to Fir Park every Saturday with my dad to watch the games and I signed with the boys’ club at 11 years of age so it was literally my whole life. Everything revolved around the club.”

“To go through the system and eventually win the Scottish Cup at age twenty-five was my childhood dream come true. The club and the fans mean everything to me. I owe them so much for making me the person I am today. “

Despite having a busy life in the States, Ally still finds time to keep up with the ‘Well with his family engrained in the club.

“My family still lives in the area and Dad goes to a few games when he can,” says the ’91 legend. “My oldest son just graduated from college where he played ‘soccer’ all four years and loves to text me scores, player moves etc, so I’m still pretty connected.”

“With social media these days, I can catch up with what is going on almost as it’s happening so there is no excuse not to be connected. I plan my trips back home around when I can attend a few matches so I’m a huge fan as well!”

Ally will be involved with the Well Society Exiles Club as an Ambassador and will be looking to assist us as we reach out to supporters all over the world.

The Society is continuing to discuss plans with a number of fans abroad and we hope to announce full details soon.

If you are keen to learn more about the Exiles Club get in touch with us at