Update From the Well Society Board

Midnight brought the closure of a transfer window where we’ve seen a significant re-vamp in the first team squad. Not only have we managed to bring in thirteen new recruits, we were also delighted to keep hold of some of our top players.

Douglas Dickie Joint Chair of the Well Society said “The Board of MFC, as club Chairman Jim McMahon stated, have had some difficult decisions to make in respect of the offers being received and the bids made in the shaping of the playing squad. We believe we have been successful in achieving our objectives in the sense that the decisions made have been in the best interests of the Club on and off the park.

It is important that the  Well Society continue their commitment and support as owners to underpin the Club`s long term security and stability.

Thanks for your support to date, now lets move forward and invest to ensure we give the Club every chance of success now and in the future seasons to come.”

Time will tell just how successful the recruitment has been, however, everyone at the Club and Well Society is positive, optimistic, and fully behind Stephen Robinson and his team.

It is important we acknowledge you, our members and the owners of the Club, for the significant part you have played. The investment in the squad would not have been possible without your pledges and we thank you for your incredible backing.

We hope that this will encourage our members and the rest of the Motherwell support to get behind the Well Society and support us in any way they can to help us to continue to strengthen on and off the field.

While the “Double Your Money” offer is still in place your support is more valuable than ever. If you wish to contribute further towards the Well Society you can:

Set up a new pledge

Change your existing pledge

Donate / pay renewal

Once again thank you for all of your support.

The Well Society Board