Share Sale Proposal: Let’s Build For The Future!

Over the last few months, we have been asked by a number of our members about the opportunity to purchase shares from The Well Society.

In the past, it is not something that we have been able to offer as we were not majority shareholders and owners of the Club.

Obviously, our position has now changed and we have been investigating the possibility of having a Share Sale whilst, of course, still retaining our majority shareholding position.

We believe that The Well Society`s current model of investing the majority of the funds we receive from members, from pledges and donations, directly into the Club is by far the best approach available at the moment. We believe that the current positivity around the Club and playing squad justifies that belief.

The original concept of The Well Society was to ensure that we have substantial reserves to act as a safety net should anything untoward or unexpected happen to our Club further down the line. By implementing this Share Sale, we intend to not only take full advantage of the Double Your Money offer, but to also build up that substantial reserve to safeguard our Club, whilst maintaining our current commitment to invest a six-digit sum in Motherwell Football Club every year, direct from member pledges and donations. Our original target of raising £1.5m is only half way there.

It’s anticipated that we would release 50,000 shares, at a price of £10 per share, which gives us the potential of raising £500,000. Minimum share purchase would be £50.00.

We believe this is a fantastic opportunity to not only raise revenue, but also to give supporters the chance to own individual shares in the Club. We also see this a great chance to take the current positivity and progress at Fir Park, no better exemplified by the stunning 3-0 quarter-final win over Aberdeen, into the long-term.

We would hope to move quickly on this matter and, as you may be aware, we hold an open surgery within the Centenary Suite on the last Thursday of every other month. Should you have any questions for the Board on this, or indeed any other matter relating to The Well Society, we will be holding our next surgery on the 28th September between 6.30 and 8.30pm.

In the meantime, we are asking for Well Society members with a viewpoint on this proposal to get in touch by completing the short poll below. The Board aim to finalise plans on the Share Sale soon and we are committed to taking Society members’ views into account when proceeding. Our poll will run until 5pm on Thursday 28th September.

Poll now closed.