Share Sale Proposal: Member Poll Results

Last week, we announced our proposal for a Share Sale – a move designed to raise a significant amount of money as reserves for the club, while taking advantage of Les Hutchison’s Double Your Money offer in the process (click here to read more about the proposal itself).

The Well Society Board were keen to gauge opinion on such a proposal amongst the Well Society membership and so, for just under a week, we have been inviting Society members to have their say via a poll. During that time, Society Co-Chairs Tom Feely and Douglas Dickie have also been on hand to answer any questions regarding the Share Sale.

Firstly, let us thank all members who took the time to read over the proposal and indicate whether or not they were in support of the Board’s proposal. The number of total votes has exceeded our expectations and it is encouraging to know so many members are keen to have their say. Thanks are also due to those who took the time to quiz Tom and Douglas on the proposal – highlighting how many of our members continued to have a passionate interest in the Well Society and the future of our club.

Having now tallied up the responses, we can announce that a whopping 89.8% of responses were in support of the Share Sale proposal, with 6.8% against. The remaining votes were duplicates or spam.

The Well Society Board will be hosting its monthly surgery from 6.30pm until 8.30pm tonight, at which any members wishing to ask any questions on the Share Sale are invited to come along and do so.

Thanks again to all those Society members who provided their input on this issue. The poll results, along with points raised by members both during this week and at tonight’s surgery, will be taken into full consideration when the Society Board makes a final decision following this evening’s surgery.