Well Society Board Meeting Summary: November 2017

 The Well Society Board met on November 22nd 2017 for our monthly scheduled board meeting. The meeting was attended by Douglas Dickie, Doug Inglis, Gavin Whitefield, Jason Henderson and Maureen Kirkwood.

 Last month’s minutes were approved.

We had recently sent out letters to all members, some had stated that they never received their letters. We had planned to investigate this, however with the office being so busy with Cup Final tickets this was put on hold.

General Update provided by Craig Hughes

We have just released a story on what the Club & Society have achieved one year into fan-ownership.

A promotional video is due to be released before the Cup Final with Grant Russell involving Craig on this.

MFC Podcast guys recently put on an event to launch their new publication “Off Air 3” and this raised around £1,400 for the Well Society. We sincerely thank all of the MFC Podcast team for organising this!

The fundraising auction has raised £1,400 as it stands with a few items left to go.

Douglas Dickie gave an update from the Executive Board:

Finance: Updated cash flows indicate the Club is in a healthy position, partially due to the Betfred Cup run. Budgets are still based on the assumption of finishing 10th.

£20,000 has been given to the Academy from NL Suicide Prevention.

Football:  Stephen Robinson recently updated the Executive Board informing them that a full squad is available for the Cup Final. He also provided a full verbal report on player targets.

The Executive Board were pleased with Stephen’s organisation and forward planning. The first team’s proposed winter training trip abroad was also approved by the Board.

Project Brave: We have been awarded Elite status for Project Brave. Although the Club has been public in our reservations, it was always agreed that we need to do all we can to be involved.

Share Sale: Applications have started coming in, however with the Cup Final it will be difficult to process right now. We will prepare a statement for the website giving an update and asking those who’ve applied for their patience and understanding.

Additional Notes:

Hospitality sold out for the Cup Final

Ladies Team now Managed by the Club rather than the Community Trust with the new Manager Eddie Wolecki Black appointed.

Business Club: Doug Inglis working with Peter Gemmell at the Club and will keep the Board updated.