Exiles Club: Richard Foy!

Each week we will be featuring a different Exiles Club member. This week we focus on Well daft Richard Foy, who now follows the Steelmen from across the pond!

Name: Richard Foy

Location: Atlanta, Georgia (United States)

What’s the best match you’ve ever seen at Fir Park?

This is probably the toughest question because there’s been so many great games that I’ve seen. In terms of ups and downs though and for overall quality I’m going to be controversial and say that last seasons 4-3 defeat to Celtic at Fir Park was one that I really enjoyed, in a strange way. I’d been away half of the year and it was only my 3rd game back or so and the atmosphere and buzz at being 2-0 up then being clawed back, and then taking the lead again, before eventually losing really showed me gave me what I’d been missing in ‘real football’.

How do you keep in touch with Motherwell from so far away?

I’m a big Twitter user so for me that’s the easiest and best way to keep in touch with the ‘well and see the media that the club put out there. I use the Mixlr on gamedays to listen to the commentary in the car when I’m not working and if I can, try and find a live feed of the game somewhere. This has been made harder this season, with the SPFL failing to strike a deal to show live games in the US and Canada which I think is very detrimental to the game.

What does Motherwell FC mean to you? Everything.

We were delighted to see Richard back at Fir Park recently as he made the long trip home from Atlanta to watch the Steelmen in the Cup Final. Despite the result we hope Richard thoroughly enjoyed the day out and his trip home!

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