Exiles Club: Stuart Turner!

Name: Stuart Turner

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

What’s the best match you’ve ever seen at Fir Park (if applicable)? Has to be helicopter Sunday – what a rush

How do you keep up with Motherwell from so far away? I’m not that far to be honest and try and get home as many times as I can, still have my season tickets – I have my Sky box in DK, so when we are on I watch the games live. EasyJet and Ryanair fly direct to Edinburgh so that helps. But when travelling for work I listen to the commentary on Mixlr, wherever I am in the world, and at whatever time it is and eagerly await the YouTube highlights.

I’m also on many of the FB groups so I’m always up to date with what’s going on.

What does Motherwell FC mean to you? Everything!! I can’t put into words really, but the feeling of coming home, seeing my family and mates, having a whisky or 4 and going to the game is just the best, win lose or draw.

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