Exiles Club : Colin Fox

This weeks featured Exiles Club Member is Colin Fox. Colin follows the Well and supports the Society all the way from Memphis Tennessee!

 What made you an exiled ‘Well fan? 

We moved to Tennessee in 2010 to take care of my wife’s family, and I now work for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

What’s the best match you’ve ever seen at Fir Park ?

I moved before the European nights became a regular occurrence, but wither way, I think the “Jamie Dolan game” against Celtic on 7/12/96 would always win. This was the game that Dolan had to go in goal after Scott Howie got injured. Billy Davies scored a header to take the lead, then the unlikely Ian Ross bundling in the winner, with an assist from the much maligned Andy Roddie.  There was so much awfulness that year, with the jester strip and almost going down, but some great moments came out of it.

How do you keep up with Motherwell from so far away?

On matchdays I listen to the mixlr commentary while watching whatever boring EPL game is on. I’m still holding out hope for something more with regards to live coverage for the exiles though. Twitter is my main source for news (@sleepfineleg), and I’ve been part of SteelmenOnline since day 1 (foxy/fizoxy). Say what you want, but that forum has been huge for the club and its fans and the folk who run it have a thankless task. The club does a great job with its social media output and youtube channel, and periscope is some app!

My family are all ‘well fans too (here and at home), so there’s always discussions. Also have a Motherwell supporting mate here I met a couple of years back, so I’m not even the only one in Memphis.

What does Motherwell FC mean to you?

Motherwell has been part of my life as long as I remember, and I don’t think it’s exaggerating to call it family. The pride I feel when we succeed and the disappointment I feel when we fail is real, but having a club to call my own regardless of results and having that permanent connection with my home town regardless of where I am is a great feeling.

We would like to thank Colin and all of our Exiles for their support.

If you are a Well fan based abroad or even just outside the Lanarkshire area get involved in our Exiles Club.