Well Society Board Meeting Summary: February 2018

The Well Society Board met on February 20th 2018 for our monthly scheduled board meeting. The meeting was attended by Douglas Dickie, Doug Inglis, Tom Feely, Gavin Whitefield, Jason Henderson, Markus Schieren, Maureen Kirkwood and Sandy Kilpatrick with partial attendance from Paul Burns, Steven Hammell and David Clarkson.

 Youth Academy

The meeting started with a presentation from Steven Hammell, Paul Burns and David Clarkson on the work they are doing at the Youth Academy outlining their vision, ambitions and some of the challenges they may face along the way.

One of the key messages stated was that they firmly believe there needs to be a pathway into the First Team. This is up to the Academy Coaches to develop talent that is ready to make the step up to the First Team.

Their focus is however not just on developing talented players but also ensuring that these are good people that come through their academy.

The presentation outlined some of their goals in the short, medium and long term and it was discussed how the Well Society can help support them.

The Academy staff outlined a few areas where they may need support:

  1. Looking to add a new technology which would allow them to track , display and share vital performance info between the coaches and players.
  2. Improving the training equipment.
  3. Helping put coaches through their badges.
  4. Being able to play in tournaments.


It was made clear throughout the presentation that the Academy staff do not want to seem ungrateful as they are significantly supported by the Club already, however they have ambitious plans and anything the Club or the Well Society can do to support is greatly appreciated.


It was widely agreed by the Well Society board that we should support the Academy and work closer together. Steven invited the Well Society Board members to come along to training, matches or tournaments any time to get a closer look at what they are doing.


The Well Society Board will discuss in more detail however it was agreed a £5000 donation to the Academy may be a reasonable start.


Previous Minutes

The previous minutes were agreed with an update given on each action.

Executive Board Update

Douglas Dickie provided an update from the Executive Board’s recent meeting.

Stephen Robinson was in attendance and provided the board with an update on his recruitment plans, who he wishes to bring in, who he wishes to keep and who he expects may move on at the end of the season.

Once we know the league position his budget can be agreed.

In the Commercial department Graham Carbis and Mhairi Graham have been added to the team. Mhari is assisting the Commercial team with bookings, events and admin. Graham is taking over as Business Development Executive.

The Commercial department are in talks over a shirt sponsorship deal.

It was agreed by the board that we should look at company background and ethics behind any deal as it is vital that as a Community Owned Club any companies connected with us share those values.

We are quite far down the line in terms of a deal with ticketmaster for online ticket sales. The Well Society members took part in a recent survey and most said they would accept a £1 extra fee for tickets if it meant an improved system.

The Board have also approved a proposal to purchase a new scoreboard. Alan Burrows is taking this forward with the aim of it being in place for the start of the 2018/19 season. The Club are also looking at a new PA system.

Well Society Update

Craig Hughes provided an update on the Well Society activity.

Members: 2401

Adults: 1806

Juniors: 595

Last week the new players signed up to the Well Society with two members being invited along to be in the photo.

Player of the Year. The Well Society are due to sponsor an award at the POTY Dinner giving WS members the chance to vote for their POTY with four places available to members.


Board Members Constituencies

Jason Henderson brought up a point that was previously discussed about board members representing groups of the membership. This would lead to further accountability for board members and hopefully more dialogue between fans and the board.

It was suggested we should have an email address for each board member published and the members should be split up alphabetically.

Business Club

 Douglas Inglis gave an update on the Business Club. The first Business Breakfast is scheduled for the 19th of April in the Millennium Suite with Bobby Watson as the guest speaker.

Douglas Inglis met with Suzanne Reid to discuss and plan the event. Suzanne confirmed the Club would help the Well Society promote this.

Lanarkshire Business Show

Craig Hughes will attend the Lanarkshire Business Show on Tuesday 27th February along with Graham Carbis from the Club. All board members were asked to come along for part of the event if possible however due to work and family commitments most stated they will find it difficult.Craig will report back after the event.

Members Questions

A question was asked about the new scoreboard. This was covered earlier in the Executive Board meeting notes.

There was also some feedback on the quality of the food in the kiosks. They felt the food wasn’t great and the service had been poor. The same member also went on to say they were disappointed by the Club website and some of the information on there was out of date.

We advised the member we will bring this up with the Club. They are currently reviewing the kiosk suppliers ahead of next season. In terms of the website, we are aware work is ongoing on a new website and should all be updated shortly.

The same member also stated he was unhappy at the set pieces and wanted the Manager to spend more time on these at training. Although we will never ignore football related questions, it was agreed that this is not something we would get involved in and we fully trust the Manager and the way he’s preparing the team.