Well Society Board Meeting Summary: March 2018

The Well Society Board met on March 20th 2018 for our monthly scheduled board meeting. The meeting was attended by Douglas Dickie, Tom Feely, Markus Schieren, Doug Inglis, Jason Henderson, Gavin Whitefield, Sandy Kilpatrick and Craig Hughes with partial attendance from Grant Russell and apologies from Maureen Kirkwood.

Previous minutes from February were agreed with an update given on each action. At last month’s meeting it was agreed that Craig Hughes should reach out for some admin support from volunteers. He has done so and has been contacted by three people keen to help out. Craig will follow up with them.


The meeting was opened up with a discussion with Grant Russell. This was the first time Grant had met the Well Society Board since joining the Club and the main purpose was to have a chat about his role, the challenges we’ve faced and how we can work together effectively.

Grant gave an insight into his communication plan for the Club and also the plans for an online ticketing system and centralised database, as well as a new website.

It was agreed that the Well Society will be involved in this.

Grant signaled his intentions to ensure communication throughout the departments of the Club is a lot stronger than it’s been previously and will work together with the Well Society to achieve this.

Executive Board Update

The Executive Board have decided to hold off their next monthly meeting until the league position becomes a bit clearer as many of the decisions/budgets may be based on that.

The question was asked on semi-final revenue and how it is split between the teams. It was confirmed that it would be an equal four way split between the semi-finalists.

It was also agreed that a rota would be drawn up for Well Society Board members to attend Executive Board meetings.

Board Emails

An idea had previously been discussed about Well Society Board members being more accountable to members in some way, perhaps publishing email addresses where they can be contacted directly or splitting members into “constituencies” for each Board member to represent. Jason Henderson asked the question on whether or not there had been progress on this.

It was not widely agreed that splitting up the membership into “constituencies” was the best option. Some board members felt that this would complicate communication as members already have a mailbox they can send emails to and can also approach any of the board members without having to be split into groups.

It was agreed to start with we should publish Well Society Board members email addresses on our website so that members can contact them directly if they choose to do so.

Membership Update

Current Members: 2433

Adult: 1832

Junior: 601

We are still running a competition for two members to win a chance to come along to the POTY awards with one of them winning the opportunity to present the winning player with the award.

Craig Hughes provided a report on the Lanarkshire Business Show which he and Graham Carbis from the Club attended. Craig felt it was worth attending as it provided an opportunity to promote our Business Breakfast and it gave Graham the opportunity to chat to a few businesses regarding potential sponsorship deals and partnerships. It was worthwhile attending but not as busy as previous years and, therefore, in Craig’s opinion a useful but not essential event for us.

Well Society scarves have now arrived for Steel members and Craig has started promoting to those eligible. They have been very popular so far.

Youth Academy

Douglas Dickie gave us an update following on from last month’s presentation from Steven Hammell, David Clarkson and Paul Burns.

Douglas has spoken with Steven who informed him that the Club have supported the Academy financially recently on their new Sports Office software.

Douglas informed Steven that the Well Society are still keen to support the Youth Academy and asked him to come back with their most urgent needs and we can make a donation as previously agreed.

Supporters Direct

Supporters Direct recently produced a video with interviews with both Jason Henderson and Craig Hughes as they promote fan-ownership and the impact that’s been made at Motherwell in the first year. Once this is released we will promote through our social media channels.

Andrew Jenkin from Supporters Direct has also asked if we would be interested in having a representative on the SD board. Craig will pass on information on this and if anyone from the Board is interested we can go back to Andrew.

Nostalgia Evening

Gavin Whitefield provided an update on the Nostalgia Evening arranged by the Former Players.

Gavin recently met with Cammy Murray, Tom Smith, Bernadette Brannan and Craig Hughes to discuss the plans. The event will take place in the Cooper Suite Friday 27th April 7pm.

The details were discussed and agreed with all Board members given the target of selling 10 tickets each.

Members Questions

One member suggested that we should tie in the recently announced sponsorship of the ladies team players as a Well Society initiative so that it is included in the Double Your Money offer.

Although the member had undoubtedly submitted this idea with the best intentions, it was agreed that this is regular Club income and therefore it wouldn’t be in the spirit of Les Hutchison’s generous offer to label it as Well Society fundraising.

Gavin Whitefield brought forward a question he was asked from a member enquiring on whether or not we would open both ends of the Main Stand for each old firm fixture. These areas are generally empty and therefore it would maximise revenue to always have these filled with old firm fans. It was agreed this point would be brought forward at the next Executive Board meeting.


Markus Schieren raised the point about the new data protection laws coming into play. It was agreed the Club and the Well Society should make sure we are covered.

The next meeting was scheduled for April 17th starting at 5:30 pm and will be partially attended by Dawn Middleton of the Community Trust.