Exiles Club Members Welcomed Home for the Cup Final

At the beginning of the season we launched our Exiles Club, an initiative with the aim of connecting ‘Well fans all over the world who can’t make it to Fir Park on a regular basis.

The Club has already been a success, with around 50 Steelmen signing up from the likes of Denmark, the United States, Canada, South Africa and Australia to name a few.

With a considerable number of ‘Well fans deciding to make the trip home for the Scottish Cup Final, we have decided to make the trip even more memorable by inviting Exiles Club members along to a special “Welcome Home” at Fir Park on the day before the match, including a tour of the stadium.

We are delighted to announce our special guest for the day will be ‘91 Cup Final hero and Exiles Club Ambassador Ally Maxwell who will be making the long trip home from Arizona for the game!

If you are a Well Society Exiles Club member and want to join us on May 18th  (1pm-3pm) at Fir Park please drop us an email at. well.society@motherwellfc.co.uk