A Warm Welcome Home for Our Exiles Club!

The Cup Final may have not ended the way we dreamed of, however it was still a memorable weekend for all of our fans and in particular some of our Exiles Club members who travelled from all over the World to make it home for the match.

Our Exiles Club was formed around a year ago with the aim of connecting Well fans all over the World who wanted to support the Well Society and the Club from afar. The group has been extremely popular with around 50 members from countries like Australia, South Africa, Singapore, the United States, Canada and Denmark to name a few signing up.

On the lead up to the Final we decided to invite our Exiles Club members who were travelling back for the final to come along to a special “Welcome Home” the day before the match.

The Exiles met outside the ground to get involved in the special send off for the players as they headed to on the team bus to the hotel. After that they were welcomed up to one of the Davie Cooper Boxes for some refreshments and a chance to meet with our special guests for the day, Exiles Club Ambassador and 91 Cup Final Hero Ally Maxwell and another famous former player and Well Society member Dirk Lehmann.

The event was attended by Exiles Club members from Portland, Toronto, Singapore, Sydney to name a few with many of them coming straight from the airport to be at Fir Park in time.

Craig Tyrie, travelled all the way from Sydney Australia for the event. Craig decided to sign both himself and his son up to the Well Society as he believes it’s important to maintain a connection with the Club and despite being on the other side of the World and he was more than happy to make the long trip home for the match.

Craig said “I joined the Well Society when my son was born. I wanted both of us to be part of the Club. The way my Dad brought me up. It’s a generation thing.”


“I was too young to come to the game in 1991 and you just never know when this opportunity comes up so I had to be here.”

Exiles Club Ambassador Ally Maxwell also made a huge commitment to make it to our event rushing straight from the Airport after travelling through the night to make it.

Again despite living in Arizona Ally still cares deeply about the Club and was delighted to be back for the occasion.

Ally said “This Club is one of the best family Club’s you will ever find. It’s a great feeling when you come back here and you always know someone, you always feel they are your family.

It’s great to be here speaking to guys from Portland, from Australia from all over the world. It’s an honour to be here.

I’ll never forget Motherwell and the Club will always be in my heart. It was my boyhood Club.”

It is also worth noting several of our Exiles Club members couldn’t make it along to the event due to travel plans however we would like to thank them also for their unbelievable commitment to make it to the game.

Our Exiles Club members travelling from all over the world to be home for the match is just a small example of the commitment and spirit of this Club and the Community. There are fans who travel everywhere home and away, volunteer their time, play a positive role in the Community and back this Club so passionately.

As owners of the Club your support has helped us achieve so much in our first year under fan ownership both on the pitch and off it!

If you haven’t yet joined you can become an owner of Motherwell FC today from just £5 a month by clicking here