Well Society – Annual General Meeting 2018

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of The Well Society Limited will be held in the Millennium Suite, Phil O’Donnell Stand, Fir Park Stadium, Motherwell on Tuesday June 26th 2018 at 7.00pm.

Ordinary Business 1) Approval of previous minutes

2) To receive audited accounts of the Well Society and the Directors and Auditors reports thereon for the year ended 30th September 2017 3) Chairman’s report

4) Board Membership

  • Markus Schieren, an elected member of the Board, is, in accordance with the “Articles of Association”, due to retire from the Board by rotation, but offers himself for re-election.  The Board supports this re-election. Should any members wish to stand for election at this point, please advise in writing by Tuesday 19th June.
  • The Board has approved the re-appointment, for a further term, of two co-opted members, Douglas Dickie and Doug Inglis, and seeks the ratification of the members.

5) Proposal to add two further members to the Board through election. Should this be approved further details will be provided in due course with all members given the opportunity to stand for election.

6) Any other competent business.
By order of the Board of Directors

Tom Feely Secretary

Note: For those members who are unable to attend the meeting on 26th June 2018, you are entitled in accordance with the Articles of Association of the Society to appoint a proxy on your behalf. Proxies must be lodged at the registered office of the Society at least 48 hours prior to the commencement of the meeting. 

A proxy need not be a member of the Society. You can appoint your proxy by requesting and completing a form and return it to the Society either by post or email.

Copies of the audited accounts will be available at the AGM. If, however, you require sight of a copy in advance of the meeting, please advise us accordingly.