Well Society Board Meeting Summary: July 2018

The Well Society Board met on July 26th 2018 for our monthly scheduled Board meeting. The meeting was attended by Douglas Dickie, Doug Inglis, Tom Feely, Markus Schieren, Maureen Kirkwood, Craig Hughes, Sandy Kilpatrick and Hugh Logan with apologies from Jason Henderson and Gavin Whitefield.

Previous Minutes

The previous minutes were discussed and agreed with updates given on each action.


Copies of the AGM minutes were circulated. All Board members were asked to look at them and come back with any comments/amendments.

The issue of Board elections was discussed. Markus Schieren is due to stand for re-election with one member standing against him. The process for this was discussed.

It had been agreed at the AGM that we should elect two new members to our Board. In order to do this, we need to update our mems and arts.

Later in the meeting Douglas Dickie received an email from the member who was going to run against Markus stating that he was no longer looking to do so and instead would wait and put himself forward when the other vacancies arise.

Hugh Logan also suggested we should look to add a code of conduct that all Board members must adhere to.

After updating the mems and arts we will begin the process of electing a new Board member the way we have done previously.

Executive Board

There hasn’t been an official meeting over the summer and the next one coming up is August 20th.

It was previously discussed that we should do a rota of Well Society Board members attending the Executive Board meeting to ensure the Well Society is well represented. Douglas will send round a rota and we can agree who is attending each meeting.

The same will be done to ensure we are represented at every match with a rota being drawn up for which Well Society members will be in the Boardroom home and away.

Alan Burrows recently joined the SPFL board. This was discussed and confirmed that it would not distract Alan from his work with the Club and in no way hinder us. Alan had the support of the Executive Board in taking on this position.

There was a discussion on the player budget which has been set and agreed.

Business Club

Doug Inglis is working with Gavin Whitefield and Sandy Kilpatrick to arrange the date of the next Business Club meeting as well as the guest speaker.

Craig Hughes has a database of all of those who have attended our previous events.

Along with Maureen Kirkwood, Craig will draw up a consent form to be sent to all Business Club attendees to allow us to share their details.

Well Society Update

Members 2635

Adults: 2012

Juniors: 623

Player Boards: We currently have a stock of around 30 dressing room boards. It was agreed with the Club we would sell these through our eBay account and the money raised would be split between the Club and the Well Society.

Golf Day: The Club is running a Golf Day and it was suggested we should submit a team and raffle the places off to Well Society members. Craig will follow up with Suzanne Reid to confirm prices.

Well Worth Welcoming: We have announced the initiative to invite groups along to Fir Park this season. This could be refugees, charities or any vulnerable group that might benefit from being made to feel part of the Motherwell family.

Craig Hughes will meet with Dawn Middleton and Jason Henderson to follow up and take this forward.

Share Sale: We will soon announce our share sale is back open. There is a bit of admin to be done for this, however Craig will get this done and announce the shares are on sale ASAP.

Members Contributions/Database

Gavin Whitefield has been working through manually updating the GoCardless contribution amounts and hopes to be finished by mid-August.

Gavin Whitefield, Craig Hughes and Tom Feely will work through this and be able to send out letters in September to every member with an updated total.

We are waiting to hear back from the Club about the new CRM system which will make it a lot easier for us to record payments and contact non-members.

Former Players

Gavin Whitefield has been working closely with the Former Players Club.

After the success of their last event they are looking to put on another event in September. They are currently looking at availability.

It was also suggested the Former Players would trial taking on Ambassador roles on matchdays going around the hospitality suites. Douglas Dickie will discuss this with the Commercial team.

Supporters Liaison Officer

The possibility of appointing an SLO was again discussed. Previously Maureen had met with the St Johnstone SLO to discuss her role and how we could implement it at Fir Park.

The possibility of a Board member (either new or existing) becoming an SLO was discussed.

It was agreed we should look at the role once we have our two new Board members as one of them may be a strong candidate for the role.

Member Questions

We received a few questions from members:

  1. Would we consider working with the local hospital to make all new born babies honourary members like Barcelona have done?

It was agreed this may not work, unlike Barcelona where the vast majority of families born in the area will be Barcelona fans it’s not quite the same around here. The data protection laws would also restrict us.

  1. Another member complimented the Club on the work with the Suicide Prevention group and asked if there is anything else we can do to be more involved in the Community?

The Well Society recognises the importance of doing all we can to support the Community and Suicide Prevention is definitely an extremely important subject. As discussed with Dawn Middleton, we are keen to support and work with the Community Trust more starting with our “Well Worth Welcoming” Campaign previously discussed.

  1. Douglas Dickie received a question requesting that we should offer free pies to Well Society members. The message seemed to be very light hearted.

Although we may not be able to give away free pies, we are looking at our members rewards for this season and we’ll take into account his suggestion.