Statement on Re-Scheduled Match Pricing

We would like to take the opportunity to express our disappointment in the news that Kilmarnock Football Club have taken the decision to charge supporters £5/£3 for Saturday’s re-scheduled match, after around 650 ‘Well fans – including many Well Society members – travelled to Ayrshire on Wednesday, paying full price for the abandoned fixture.

 We acknowledge the concerns raised by many of our supporters who waited for a lengthy period of time on Wednesday evening in order to obtain a voucher for the re-arranged match or to provide their personal details to Kilmarnock FC after said vouchers had run out, in order to ensure their free entry into the re-arranged match.

 We believe that it is unfair that supporters who made the journey to Ayrshire and paid full gate price to attend the game will now be penalised for doing so, asked to pay the same entry price as those who did not attend on Wednesday evening.

 We also believe that this move is compounded somewhat by the news that Kilmarnock season ticket holders will not be subject to these gate prices and recognise that charging our supporters appears to go against Kilmarnock’s own terms and conditions concerning abandoned matches.

 We have been in constant contact with the Motherwell FC Board throughout Thursday and are pleased to be able to support the initiative which will see fans who are being asked to pay twice for Saturday’s match being reimbursed, after Kilmarnock FC had refused the club’s request to reconsider their decision.

 As a fan-owned club, we will always strive to do what is best for our supporters.

 The Well Society