The Well Society Board met on Tuesday January 15th 2019 for our monthly scheduled board meeting. The meeting was attended by Douglas Dickie, Tom Feely, Gavin Whitefield, Maureen Kirkwood, Markus Schieren, Gordon Miller, Derek Watson, Doug Inglis, Sandy Kilpatrick and Craig Hughes with Jason Henderson sending his apologies.

Previous Minutes

The previous minutes were agreed with updates provided on all outstanding actions.


Tom Feely gave an update on Well Society finances. In 2018 we raised £202,541 which was an increase on last years total which was £193,719.

We have now raised over £1m since the Society was formed. We will have an announcement on this soon.

Executive Board

The Executive Board aren’t scheduled to meet until later this month however Douglas Dickie provided a brief update.

The new signings were discussed with two loan arrivals. At the time of the meeting there was nothing else concrete (ins or outs)

Stephen McManus has decided to go to Celtic. It was discussed that this was his decision and the Club were keen to keep hold of him.

Well Society Update

Members: 2741

Adult: 2089

Junior: 652

Our recent share sale has raised over £10,000.

The board spoke about looking to get one press release each week out. This will start with our “Shen the Steelman” story soon to go out.

We will also be doing monthly W.S interviews with support from the Club’s media team. The first of these will be released in February.

Doug Inglis, Derek Watson, Craig Hughes and Gordon Miller met recently to agree a fundraising strategy moving forward including our language, tone, content and campaigns.

Business Breakfast

Doug Inglis circulated the upcoming dates for the Business Breakfasts as well as a list of the speakers.

Thursday 24th January Ken Symon Business Insider

Thursday 7th March North Lanarkshire Council Business Development

Thursday 18th April Ian Johnstone the GT4 Group

Former Players

Gavin Whitefield suggested that the Former Players are looking to do another Fundraising Evening at Fir Park. The event would be a quiz night with a Q&A.

It was also suggested that we should introduce a Motherwell FC Hall of Fame with inductions next year and Well Society members voting on the inductees. This will be suggested to the Exec Board.



Tom Feely and Sandy Kilpatrick suggested we should invest Well Society funds into a savings account to generate interest. They will look into the options.

A member asked why the bar in the Cooper Suite doesn’t accept card payments. This has been quickly addressed and card payments are now being taken again.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 19th February 2019 5:30pm.