What is the Well Society?

The Well Society is Motherwell Football Club’s fan ownership group. Set up in 2012 with the vision of community ownership of the club.

Why was it set up?

Former chairman John Boyle decided to donate his circa-70% shareholding to the club to hand it over to the fans. The Well Society has been set up as a vehicle for community ownership.

Since then owner Les Hutchison has taken over the club by providing it with interest free loans, an initial one of £650k and a subsequent one for £380k. Les has made it clear that he does not intend to own the club long term and will hand over ownership to the Well Society should they meet the targets set in the agreement.

Details of the initial loan agreement can be found  here

What’s in it for me?

By becoming a member, above all you are playing your part in building a sustainable and positive future for Motherwell FC as well as ensuring that the club does not get into the wrong hands.  You will also have a say in the running of the club and you will have a vote on key issues at the club.

There are also benefits available for those who wish to claim them, these can be found here: Membership benefits .The more you pledge the more benefits to which you will be entitled.

We are continually looking at the benefits structure, adding or replacing various ones periodically, and we will keep you posted on any updates.

How will the Well Society raise money?

The Well Society raises its money through membership pledges and donations. When the Well Society originally started, memberships started at £300 for adults and £25 for kids with an annual renewal fee due. As the Society pushes for more monthly payments the set-up has changed and members can now make monthly pledges.

While its target is to persuade members to pledge £10 per month, the Society is still very grateful for any member wishing to pledge £5 a month or to continue paying renewals or making one-off donations.

The generation of income will ensure that the Society has enough money to help the club pay back Les Hutchison’s loan. But with monthly pledges from as many members as possible it will also ensure that there is a steady flow of income to build up working capital for the future as and when it assumes ownership.

What has Well Society money been used for so far?

One of the society’s key aims is to provide financial protection for the club, helping it from time-to-time with short- or medium-term loans in times of need, to plug cashflow gaps if necessary or help it repay loans for example.

Click  here to find out how the Society has so far it has supported the club.

If I joined before the introduction of the revised membership structure will any future payments be added to my existing total?

Yes, every penny you have put in to the Well Society in the past has been accounted for and any additional payments you make will be added to this. For example if you paid £300 membership fee two years ago, a renewal of £50 last year and have now signed up to £10 per month starting this month, your running total will have increased by relevant amounts.

If the Well Society is successful, who will be the board and who has a say in this?

Society members will be able to vote on who they want to be represented on the board. At the present moment the Well Society has an elected board. Any members who are at the “Steel” level or above can be put forward for nomination. Every single adult member is given a vote. You can find our full list of rules here.

I already buy a season ticket and merchandise, is this not enough?

Of course the club greatly appreciates every penny that you invest and it is vital to the club that you continue to support through tickets, merchandise, catering and so on. . The only way the Well Society can be successful, however, is if you invest specifically to us. We need as many fans as possible to pledge what they can.

How can I join the Well Society?

You can join today through GoCardless or Paypal, pledges start at £5 per month. This can be done easily by clicking the links on this page. Alternatively we can set up standing orders or accept payments by cash, cheque or card. For more information please contact us on 07834177060 or well.society@motherwellfc.co.uk