Reasons to join the Well Society…

For the benefit of the Community: The Well Society will ensure that we continue to work closely with the Motherwell Community Trust who play a positive role in the lives of over 37,000 people. The Well Society will also ensure that we maintain ethical standards and ensure the club remains a family friendly, community centred football club that the fans, players and staff can be proud to be part of.

 Have a say in the way your club is run: With fan ownership you will get to vote for the clubs board. As a member you will also be able to put yourself forward for any board vacancies. We will seek OwnMFC Leafkletmembers’ involvement in key decisions at the club and look to represent the views of the fans on issues such as kick off times, ticket prices, stadium improvements and match day entertainment.

Protect the financial future of the club: Fan ownership means that the club will always be in the hands of those who care about it. This club exists for the good of the community, not for the profit or benefit of any individual or consortium. If we do not act now we have no idea who could gain control of the club.

Invest in youth: One of the Well Society’s main aims is to promote a youth academy. By hiring experienced coaches and encouraging the development of local players we want to see Motherwell producing the next crop of young talent rather than buying from elsewhere.

Lead the way for change in Scottish Football: Motherwell F.C have an opportunity to be one of the first clubs to be community owned. This could help pave the way for more clubs to do the same, leading to fans nationwide having a bigger say in the way Scottish football operates.

Be part of the clubs history: By backing the Well Society you will be playing your part in one of the most significant chapters in the history of Motherwell FC, not only protecting the club from financial crisis but helping put the club on a path to a successful fan owned future.

The Well Society are in a unique position, we do not have any boardroom barriers in our way. If the Motherwell support want fan ownership it will be achieved. Make it happen pledge by clicking here #ownmfc