Why should I continue to contribute to the Well Society? What benefits do I have rather than someone who just purchases shares?

As a Well Society member your pledges and contributions are still just as vital to us. This is a one off fundraising opportunity which in no way will have a negative impact on your Well Society membership or rights as a member.

As a member you will still be entitled to exclusive rewards. Please note that any share purchases will not accumulate towards these.

As an existing member you will also receive priority on the purchase of these sales as these will be exclusively available to Well Society existing members until 14th November.

You will also receive a discount on your purchase based on how much you have contributed to the Well Society so far.

If a non-member purchases shares do they become a member?

Yes we will include a Well Society membership to anyone who purchases shares however it is important to stress that they will be given a pre steel membership and only if they decide to contribute directly to the Well Society through pledges and one off payments will they be eligible for the rewards and credited with the contributions.

As a Well Society Member do I not already have shares in the Club?

Collectively Yes Individually No

By joining the Well Society you supported and joined a group aimed at securing fan ownership for Motherwell FC. The Well Society as a group are the majority shareholders in Motherwell FC so as part of the group you are one of the owners with a vote on all Well Society matters however individually you are not a shareholder.

What is the benefit of buying shares?

For many people it is very much a sentimental purchase, similar to the reasons why you joined the Well Society. To feel part of the club and to be one of the owners. This share purchase gives you the chance to be an individual shareholder as well as being part of the Well Society.

Others may have different reasons why they see it as a good investment.

Overall however the main purpose is to raise funds for the Well Society to help us support the Club and this is just another avenue fans can use to support. Our aim is to invest all returns from this into a reserve fund to support the Club. This along with Well Society pledges, donations, payments and other fundraising initiatives will help support the Club short, medium and long term.