The Well Society Board met on Tuesday 19th February 2019 for our monthly scheduled board meeting. The meeting was attended by Douglas Dickie, Tom Feely, Gavin Whitefield, Markus Schieren, Gordon Miller, Derek Watson, Jason Henderson, Doug Inglis and Craig Hughes with Maureen Kirkwood and Sandy Kilpatrick sending their apologies.

The meeting was also partially attended by a Well Society member and Bob Park.

Disabled Sign

The meeting was opened by a member who was invited to attend the start of the meeting to raise a question with the board regarding a Disabled Sign above the Disabled shelter in the Phil O’Donnell stand.

The member stated that he believes that the sign should be removed as he believes this discriminates against the fans in this section. He believes that all fans should be treated equally and that the sign saying “Disabled” could make the fans in this section feel different from the rest of the Motherwell support.

It was agreed that the Motherwell Disabled Supporters Association are in charge of this area and the decision should be with them on the sign.

It was everyones understanding that the DSA are aware of this members points and between ourselves and Bob Park we would follow up and find out what their decision is on this.

Previous Minutes

The previous minutes were discussed and agreed with updates given on a few outstanding items

It was confirmed that the Well Society will be given four complimentary places at this years Player of the Year Dinner. We will put these out in a prize draw to the Well Society members.

Executive Board

Douglas Dickie provided an update from the recent Executive Board.

The Executive Board are due to meet on 18th March to discuss the structure of the Reserve team. This is with the aim to ensure that the most effective structure exists to allow a pathway for Youth Players into the First Team.

The Club has submitted an application to play in the Dallas Cup. A prestigious Youth tournament in the U.S with Clubs like Liverpool, Arsenal and Roma involved. The space has opened up due to a team pulling out and the Club stated our interest to the SFA as we believe it would be a fantastic experience for our Young Players.

If accepted all that would have to be covered would be the flights and we would discuss ways in which we could fundraise for this through the Well Society.

Douglas Dickie will keep us posted on whether or not we are successful.

Well Society Update

Craig gave an update on Well Society activity.

A story will be released soon on the Well Society raising over £1m since we were formed.

We have also had a few applications for shares, it was agreed there is no issue in re-opening this until May.

It was agreed we should contact all members letting them know what they have contributed and encouraging them to continue to support the Society. This should be done by March/April. Tom Feely, Gavin Whitefield and Craig Hughes will get the figures updated. Craig Hughes and Derek Watson will work on the content of the letter/email.

There were a number of fundraising ideas which the W.S board were in favour of however a few details have to be agreed and planned before we confirm.

Business Breakfast

Douglas Inglis confirmed the details of the next Business Breakfast meeting on March 7th.

The Chamber of Commerce have confirmed they have around 25 guests attending. We are expecting 25-30 from our regulars so it should be a strong turnout.

It was agreed the event will be free for all attending. This is to help build relationships and expand our network.

The Board were also encouraged to put forward any suggestions for future guest speakers.

CRM System

Gordon Miller put forward a proposal for a new Well Society CRM system making it easier for us to record payments and contact members.

It was agreed we should go forward with this, as the company offering it gave a 14 day free trial. If we commit to it it’s a monthly charge and we can cancel anytime.

Gordon will follow up on this.

Members Questions

One member asked about the lack of toilets open in the John Hunter stand at Sundays match. Craig will pass this on to Bob Park.

A young member put forward a few ideas for young (13-16 year old) members to get involved with the Society including hosting their own games night. It was agreed we would be keen to promote this and Craig will go back to him.


Gavin Whitefield gave an update on the Former Players proposal to open a museum. Gavin has scheduled in a meeting with Suzanne Reid, Dawn Middleton and Cammy Murray to discuss.

Gavin encouraged any board members looking to be involved in the project to let him know.

Doug Inglis brought up the suggestion raised by Jim McMahon that the Club should try and create connections with Clubs worldwide who play in claret and amber.

It was agreed we should look at connecting with members and in particular our Exiles Club to find out if anyone has any connections with teams in their area that we could look at forming partnerships with. We will discuss again at our next meeting.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 19th March 2019 at 5:30 pm