The Well Society Board met on Tuesday 19th March 2019 for our monthly scheduled board meeting. The meeting was attended by Tom Feely, Gavin Whitefield, Markus Schieren, , Jason Henderson, Derek Watson, Doug Inglis, Sandy Kilpatrick and Craig Hughes with apologies from Douglas Dickie, Maureen Kirkwood and Gordon Miller.

Previous Minutes

The previous minutes were discussed and agreed with updates given on a few outstanding items:

  • Player of the Year: A prize draw for the four places at the POTY Dinner has been completed and the winners have been notified.
  • Dallas Cup: Unfortunately, the Club never received a place at the tournament. We would however look to help the Youth teams attending tournaments in the future.
  • The members questions were all addressed and dealt with. The fan who complained about the toilets was contacted directly by Bob Park.
  • The letters and emails are on track to go out to members in April.

Executive Board Update

Tom Feely provided an update from the Executive Board who met the night before.

Stephen Robinson was present at the meeting where there was a discussion on the playing budget and plans for next season.

Well Society Update

Craig gave an update on Well Society activity.

Members: 2752

Adult: 2097

Junior: 655

We’ve completed the first of our monthly interviews. This one was with an Exiles Club member from Tennessee who’s daughter was the mascot against Hamilton.

Our next interview will be with our Chinese member Shen Xiao on his visit. It was agreed we should also invite Shen to the boardroom for the match against St Johnstone.

Heritage Project

Gavin Whitefield gave an update on the heritage project in partnership with the Former Players.

A steering group has been assembled to meet on Friday to discuss the stadium tours and possible museum at Fir Park.

It was suggested that a number of the items for the museum have already been purchased and a bit of funding would be required. It was agreed the Society should contribute £2000 at this stage to cover these costs.

It was also agreed we should offer the Former Players some sort of payment for their time and effort to take the tours. Many wouldn’t accept the payment however £25 per tour was agreed.

Gavin also arranged for a lot of the museum materials to be on display at the board meeting and all board members were welcomed to have a look at.

Members Questions

A point was raised by a member about Junior Steel members. He asked if we had any method for converting junior members to adult members when they turned 16.

It was agreed the current membership structure doesn’t cater to 14-18 year olds. It was agreed it is not right to ask under 18s to take on a direct debit as a full adult member.

It was agreed we could offer another level of membership for members in this age bracket. Craig to put together a proposal for this.

There was also a question about the Clubs opinion on strict liability. It was agreed that the Society should look at having consultation evenings every six weeks to give members the opportunity to give their opinion on various topics. Craig would look into arranging this.


The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 16th April 2019