How you can help us

Join us!

If you haven’t already, the simple way of helping us is by joining today and playing your part in our journey towards fan ownership. Pledges start at just £5 per month, please pledge what you can and help us work towards our targets.

You can pledge monthly through gocardless by clicking here

Alternatively give us a call on 07834177060 or email us and we can discuss alternative payment options.

How can existing members continue to help?

We have hundreds of members who joined on the old structure by paying a set membership fee. If you are one of these members we understand you have given considerably in the past to the Well Society, which we very much appreciate and you are certainly under no obligation to make any further contributions. However if you are interested in continuing to support you can do so through the following options.

  • Move on to a monthly pledge with pledges starting at only £5 per month
  • Pay an annual renewal fee
  • Make a one off donation

Again you can make payments via gocardless here or by paying through debit card, cheque or standing order. For more information please get in touch with us.

Your support isn’t just about money, you can help us by…


We are always looking for extra assistance in our recruitment campaign, in particular we could use some help in the following areas:

Matchday- Every match day we are looking for people to help by handing out flyers/sign-up sheets, manning our information desks and just engaging with fans around the stadium. We also need help setting up pop-ups, info desks, putting up posters, anything you can do to help us promote the Well Society.

Telephone Campaign-We currently have around six volunteers helping out on our telephone campaign. Each week Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday our volunteers will be calling potential members asking them to join and again promoting the benefits of the Well Society. Even once or twice a fortnight would be a great help to us.

Business Visits- We have recently introduced our new business initiative where we are contacting all businesses in and around Motherwell asking them to join the Well Society as a Community Caring Company. We require volunteers to help us by visiting these companies and encouraging them to sign up.

On top of these things we could also always use extra assistance with miscellaneous admin tasks around the office.

Training will be provided where necessary.

In addition, if you have any particular skills, expertise or ideas which you think could make a positive impact to the Well Society please let us know. 

We appreciate that not everyone can commit more time or money towards the Well Society. You can continue support the Well Society just by helping spread the word. Whether it’s persuading friends and family to join, or retweeting/sharing/posting on social media, every contribution helps us towards our targets.