The Pledges

Joining the Well Society is a straight forward process. Simply choose the kind of sum you wish to pledge on a monthly basis, and then visit here to join or get in touch with us to discuss your pledge further.

We are keen to encourage all members to pledge a minimum of £10 a month. However, we are more than happy to accept £5 a month or even one-off donations if that suits you better.

Once you’ve joined the Society, you will receive a series of Benefits dependent on your membership level, receive a vote in future Society Board elections, and be able to attend member-only events, stand for election to the Board, and be a part of community-ownership at Fir Park.

The Finances

All the money pledged and donated to the Well Society is then put to good use by your elected Society Board members, along with finances raised through other means such as events, raffles, and fundraising campaigns.

The Society Board then uses the group’s funds for the benefit of two important entities – the Society itself and, of course, our club.

In terms of the Society, there are naturally costs to be covered. Administrative costs, organising events, and various other financial obligations are part and parcel of the daily running of the Well Society. This information can be made available to members on request to ensure that everything is kept transparent and above board.

As for the club, the Society Board may, from time to time, take a thoroughly considered decision to invest in Motherwell Football Club. It is important to remember that, as the major shareholder, the Society is in a position to invest in the club should it be deemed beneficial. This is with the understanding that, should the club enjoy a major financial windfall in the future, some of this investment may be paid back to the Society


The Society Board

Every Society member is not only able to vote in Board elections, they are also eligible to stand for the Board should they wish.

The Well Society Board is the group of Motherwell supporters chosen by Society members to represent their interests. When Society members are elected to the Board, it is on the understanding that they will be acting in the wider interests of the membership and the Society as a whole. The Board may also choose to co-opt Board members in order to add particular skill-sets or levels of experience if it is deemed necessary.

At every AGM, one Well Society Board member must either stand down from their role or seek re-election, ensuring a Board election. Prospective candidates are invited to provide their details and a statement of why they believe they should be elected. Once the votes have been counted and the elected Board member announced, he or she must sign a confidentiality agreement upon being welcomed onto the Society Board.

The Club Board

It is important to differentiate between the Society Board – which is tasked with the running and growing of the Well Society itself – and the Executive Board. The Executive Board is the small group of individuals tasked with and legally responsible for the running of Motherwell Football Club and, despite the Steelmen now being a fan-owned club, does not differ hugely from most other football clubs. The main – and beneficial – difference is that one-third of our club’s Board is made up of Directors representing the Well Society.

There are currently six members of the Executive Board – Jim McMahon (Chairman), Graham Keys (Company Secretary), Alan Burrows (Director & Chief Operating Officer), Leann Thomas (Director), Tom Feely (Director), and Douglas Dickie (Director). Tom and Douglas are the Well Society’s representatives on the Executive Board, ensuring the group has a loud, clear voice in the Boardroom, with both representatives expected to represent the views of their fellow Well Society Board members and, therefore, the Society membership as a whole.

There is one final Board within this structure, but it is not as complicated as it may appear at first!

In order to ensure that the Well Society Board can continue to focus 100% on Society matters, the Supervisory Board was established in order to smoothly connect the Society Board to the Executive Board. The Supervisory Board is simply all Well Society Board members with the addition of invited Supervisory Board members, who may be able to offer further knowledge and experience of club matters in an advisory role (and who will always be Well Society members).

The Supervisory Board meets to discuss specific club matters, ensuring that the Society representatives on the Executive Board are fully aware of the viewpoints of the Well Society which they can then take into the club’s Boardroom.

The easiest way to think of this structure is perhaps to simply picture the Executive Board (who run the club) and the Well Society Board (who run the Well Society), with the Supervisory Board providing a smooth connection between the two:


The Decision Making

In terms of the Well Society itself, the vast majority of decisions are taken by the Board. Having been democratically elected by fellow Well Society members, all Board members are expected to represent the feelings of the Society membership to the best of their abilities. Unfortunately, given the fast pace of both the football and business worlds, not to mention the often sensitive or confidential nature of information being discussed, it is simply not possible for the Board to consult the membership as a whole on the majority of issues.

However, occasionally the Board will seek out the opinions of the Society membership before making a decision. This may be in the form of a binding ballot, the result of which would dictate the final decision, or more informal polls carried out by the Board in order to gauge the general feeling amongst supporters before making a final call on a particular matter.

The Other Stuff

There is a lot more to being a Well Society member than just the structural and financial matters above. Society members can ask questions directly of their Board, set the agenda for Board meetings, have their ideas discussed and implemented, attend member-only events, come along to surgeries, take part in the Society raffle, write for the fan’s blog, feature on WSTV, and much more.

But more importantly, Well Society members can be a part of a truly historic, democratic, and progressive grassroots movement, ensuring that Motherwell Football Club goes from strength to strength as the Scottish top flight’s first ever fan-owned club.