The Well Society now holds a controlling shareholding in Motherwell FC as a community-based football club.


The principles on which the club are run are:


  • attract players of the highest calibre and play at the highest level in accordance with its available resources
  • support the development of a successful Youth Academy, encouraging local young players not only to develop their footballing skills but also their broad education and training. The Academy will be a source of talent to be nurtured and encouraged, giving local youngsters the chance to succeed
  • be managed by appropriately qualified coaches who have empathy with the aims and values of a community club and Motherwell in particular

Governance and Finance

  • appoint directors based on their qualifications, skills and experience in accordance with Well Society members’ wishes.
  • run on a financially sustainable basis. Its budget will be established and implemented in accordance with realistic assumptions about projected income and expenditure. It will plan to at least break-even or achieve a modest annual surplus
  • generate income through a number of revenue streams including, for example, attendance fees, commercial activities, season ticket sales, and sale of players
  • be efficient and cost-effective
  • avoid administration by formulating and maintaining a financially sound, self-sufficient business model, ensuring the club operates within its means. 

Community and Fan Participation

  • be an exemplary community-focused, family-friendly football club, operating for and on behalf of its fans and the community as a whole
  • productively engage with the fans and community organisations, businesses, sponsors, schools and colleges, and other key stakeholders
  • communicate regularly with fans through a variety of media
  • consult shareholders, fans and community stakeholders on significant matters, actively seeking their participation in a range of activities
  • ensure that fans have a considerable say in running the club through the appointment of the chairman of the society as chairman of the club along with other directors on the club board.
  • make its stadium facilities available for a range of community use
  • operate in close partnership with the Community Trust

The Well Society aims to:

  • safeguard the financial future of Motherwell FC
  • ensure the club never falls into the wrong hands
  • generate sufficient income to support the club (in addition to maximising revenue through traditional streams like sponsorship, tickets, catering, merchandise)
  • work with the Community Trust to ensure to enhance the cultural and social impact the club has as a pillar of the community
  • encourage input and involvement from members in the running of the club
  • enhance partnerships between the club and the local businesses

To continue achieving our aims, we need the help of you – the Motherwell FC support.

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